October 2018 HAF Mission Trip – day 5

It was a very beautiful day on the mountain top here in Honduras. This morning, one of our mission team members said that we were going to travel to the “end-of-the-world” today (or at least close enough to see the end-of-the-world). The 2-hour trip up a very narrow, bumpy “cow-pasture” trail up the mountain sort of seemed like we were going where few had traveled before. To get to our destination of Las Dantas, we traveled in two 4-wheel drive pickups, forged a couple of small rivers, opened/closed 6 gates to cow pastures, stoped while a small herd of cows passed us, etc.

Arriving at the very small village of Las Dantas (20 families in the village; 10 children in the school) on the mountain top, we immediately realized that we were in a very beautiful part of God’s creation. In the small one-room classroom, we performed the Bible skit. Then some girls from the school put on a hula-hoop performance for us.

Our team then had a craft for the children in the school – decorating a “heart necklace”.

The children were given some clothing and a bag of rice & beans for their family.

The leader of the village treated us to chicken soup for lunch.

After retracing our 2-hour route back down the mountain, we visited the Los Hornos school where the children were standing at the entrance to welcome our team.

We then toured the construction site of the new 6th grade classroom that HAF is helping the school build (HAF provided all the materials and some labor for the construction).

Prior to dinner, we gathered our US/Honduras mission team together for a team photo.

This evening we were treated to a wonderful dinner at Gloria’s (former cook for HAF).
We thank God for keeping us safe in our travels up and down the mountain today and for allowing us to view some of His most beautiful creation on the mountain top.