Honduras Agape Mission Trip – March 8, 2019

The Honduras Agape Foundation team arrived in Quimistan, Honduras Friday, one day later than planned after our Delta flight from Augusta was cancelled. Although our team said prayers and crossed fingers from our seats, the Delta pilot could not “reboot” the plane despite powering down all systems on the tarmac.  Disappointed but still looking forward to our week together in Honduras, we returned home Thursday afternoon and repeated our same steps, arriving in San Pedro Sula Friday afternoon.

Our first exposure to Honduras cuisine was Wendy’s, compliments of Maynor and other HAF team members David and Mario. We left San Pedro Sula and began a 90 minute drive through the Honduran countryside toward Quimistan. Along the way we saw many small Honduras homes and farmland.  Favorite scenes were a herd of cows being driven down the road and our driver Mario (Andretti?) who passed busses, tractors and any other slow vehicles along the way.

After dropping our bags at the beautiful garden-like ranch home a few miles from Quimistan, we met some of the Agape Promise students – Yackie, Efron, Darwin and Angie. We went shopping at a local Coquin store and found school supplies, shoes, and uniforms for them and some additional goods for their families.  These four youngsters are sponsored by our mission trip members from Aiken and Williston.

Tomorrow we will start some construction activities at the home of Darwin, whose siblings and mother live outside of Quimistan.