Honduras Agape Mission Trip – March 9, 2019

Our team rose early today and travelled to Tejeras, a shanty town outside of Quimistan. Following a morning devotion and quick breakfast, we climbed into the HAF van and drove to the house of Diane, Darwin and his two siblings.

Our new mission members said nothing prepared them for the poverty of Tejeras. Diane’s home is a  one-room mud house with no floor.  She has no furniture except some beds, no bathrooms or electricity.  Cooking and washing are done outside with a few buckets and basin.  Our day was focused on preparing her new home only 40 feet away that HAF has been building.  A new two-bedroom block house with a concrete floor with a lockable door, electricity, and an insulated roof.  We split into two teams focused on painting and electricity.  The paint team set to work and had painted the outside of the house by noon.  Darwin eagerly helped and several Tejeras boys joined in to help the work team.

The electrical team lead by Chuck Scarton began punching holes through the block walls, installing boxes, switches and receptacles. By the end of the day, they had wired more than half the house and expect to finish by Monday. Several Tejeras residents came by the house to watch or help.

Carlos plays frisbee with Tommy Patterson and Emma Davisson.
Chuck Scarton lays out the Tejeras house electrical plan



We returned to the ranch house tired, but pleased we got so much done in one day. Dinner was a delicious mix of plantains, huevos (eggs) and fresh fruit and watermelon juice. Our team will be supporting the weekly Tejeras children’s feeding Sunday which provides rice and beans for 70 young children. In the afternoon, we will be meeting with some of the older AP students and performing a skit about the story of Zachaeus.