Honduras Agape Mission Trip – March 10, 2019

The team woke early to the chorus of birds that live among the mango, almond, papaya, ceibo and other trees at the ranch house. Our team’s focus this Sunday was to support the weekly feeding for the children of Tejeras. We arrived at the block building and were greeted by 50 youngsters shouting “Hola” and the number quickly grew to almost a 100 as more children and parents streamed in. Sandra and her team of parent volunteers and some HAF staff led the children in three to four songs followed by a short sermon.  HAF supports Quimistan by employing local workers whenever possible, so the team walked a few hundred yards and returned  with a 12-gallon pan of rice and a second one of chicken stew that had been cooked by a local family.

The Tejeras Church of the Good Samaritan where HAF feedings take place

Some children had spoons and bowls, but many did not. They ate with a tortilla and used their fingers to spoon all of the rice and beans.  The HAF feedings supply both physical and spiritual needs, providing a hot meal as well as Bible training, songs and a message.  In the afternoon, we saw the Quimistan Catholic Church, a 16th century structure that dated back to the 17th century.  Later all the HAF students came to the ranch building where they presented several Honduran dances.  Our teams then began an hour-long conversation, switching between Spanish and English with our translator David.  The HAF children asked many questions about the team’s background, our reasons for coming to Honduras, and the mission team had questions of their own.

A Tejeras child waits for breakfast to be served
Beth Beckham holds a Tejeras child
Emma Davisson reads the story of Zacchaeus to the HAF students in spanish

We ate a meal together, laughing at the skits and taking selfies and pictures together. Before finishing the day, we packed 60 bags of rice and beans to give to the Tejeras familes later this week.

Tommy Patterson serves lunch to the HAF students

Central Honduras is in a drought and a large fire burned across several miles of fields near Quimistan. The flames burned up to the ranch property, but owners Gary and Martha Thomsen had hoses and workers at the ready to protect the property. HAF teams have used the Thomsen property for years as a home.

Pop Buice stands with Efron and Genesis.
Doug Davisson and Beth Beckham fill bags with rice and beans
Fires burned around the ranch property but did no damage

We return to Diane’s house to finish painting and electrical work tomorrow.