Honduras Agape Mission Trip – March 11, 2019

Our team completed some unfinished work in Quimistan today and ventured out of the city to a mountain village and school called Los Panales.

Diane’s house in Quimistan – we rose early and were at the local hardware store shortly after 8 for more paint supplies and drill bits.  Diane cleans the house daily, but our team soon had three ladders, paint pans and wire spread across the house. The paint team completed the 1stnd bedroom within two hours and the electrical team wired the 2nd bedroom.  Pop Buice, Tommy Patterson, and Doug Davisson finally completed the kitchen wiring at 12:30. Our moment of triumph was when Diane walked into the house to see lightbulbs turned on in every room and saw the completed rooms.  The house will be finished once four windows are installed this week.

Pop Buice, Tommy Patterson and Doug Davisson run conduit and wiring in the Tejeras house.

Beth Beckham sets to work on the final work day at the Tejeras house.

The electric team – Pop Buice, Doug Davisson, and Tommy Patterson – celebrate working lights in the Tejeras house.

Los Panales: HAF has branched out to remote communities including the two-room school in Los Panales.  We left Quimistan on asphalt roads and went through San Marco on the way to Los Panales, which sits near the top of the surrounding mountain range where coffee and bananas are grown.  Our bus crawled along the last few miles on a very rough road and to the school.  Approximately 75 children, who had been waiting since noon were taken through handwashing, a deworming pill treatment, tooth brushing, fluoride and a Bible story. These children are visited by HAF twice a year and there is a latrine and washing station built by HAF next to the school.  Electricity for this village arrived in December 2018, only months ago.

Chuck Scarton works with the Los Panales children to learn handwashing.

Emma Davisson and Pablo hand out deworming pills at the Los Panales school.

Tommy Patterson dispenses tooth paste to the Los Panales school children.

A young girl finishes her 60 seconds of required tooth brushing with her new cepilo de dientes (toothbrush). .

Cindy Fuller administers fluoride treatment for the Los Panales students. The dental health of the school children has increased significantly since the program started.

Sponsorship is a very personal way members of our congregations support individual children who study and participate in HAF activities to grow up amidst the poverty of Honduras. As we returned to Quimistan, we visited the home of Yaky, a 9th grader, sponsored by the Scarton family.  She led her brother, her mother and other family members to meet her sponsor.  The Quimistan children know and appreciate how important HAF is to their lives.