Honduras Agape Mission Trip – March 12, 2019

Cindy Fuller, who organized our mission trip with her husband Jerry, told our team that today would be the longest day of the week. We went in two cars to Texaxingales (also known as Teo), a mountain village about a 90 minute drive from Quimistan.  HAF supported the building of a new school there several years ago and has plans to replace the bathroom facilities at the school in 2020.  We picked up some shelving built by a Quimistan furniture maker (Marcos) for a medical office.  The drive took us across streams up mountain roads dodging several cows and horses to Teo, only a half mile from the Guatemalan border.

Our team was greeted by 150 children from kindergarten to approximately 8th grade all dressed in white shirts and blue pants or skirts.  All of the HAF-supported communities appreciate the work and financial resources provided.  Our team was presented with thank-you notes, a painted turtle shell, and a cardboard school building.  As our team divided up to perform skits, assemble and paint cabinets, or play with the children, we were all reminded of the joy of play.  The schoolyard erupted with screams once a parachute, several beach balls, frisbees, soccer ball, and bubble bottles were handed out.

The school children at Teo met our team on their playground.
An older Teo student welcomed our team to the school.
Jerry Fulller plays with a group of Teo students using a parachute from Aiken First Presbyterian Church.
Chuck Scarten and Pop Buice help assemble new book cases for the medical office at Teo.

Returning late in the afternoon to Quimistan, we visited a local children’s home called Tranquilidad.  The Tranquilidad Foundation is a Quimistan-based home for youth currently with eight children all under the age of 6 with ties to several US churches.  Co-founded by Roxanne and Sam Turnipseed from the Aiken SC area, the foundation has just completed their next residential home on the property that will support a family and up to six additional children.

The team visited Arena Blanco (white sand), the location of a new medical clinic near Teo.
A mountain overlook more than 1700 ft above the Quimistan valley on the way to Teo.
Roxanne and Sam Turnipseed hosted our team for a tour of Tranquillidad, a home for children.

The day concluded with a dinner with Graciella and her husband near San Marcos; native Hondurans who lived in the US.  They retired back to Honduras and are long-time supporters of HAF for many years. Tomorrow will be the “move-in” day for Diane, Darwin and family as we install windows and buy beds for her new home in Tejeras.

The team enjoyed a dinner with the HAF staff at Graciella’s home near San Marco