God sent us cooler temperatures and a very nice breeze last night, and today we rose to a beautiful Sunday morning with birds singing everywhere!  After devotions and breakfast, we were off to the children’s worship service at Tejeras, the poorest area of the community.  We loved seeing the happy faces of the children as they sang and listened to the Bible story about Jesus visiting the temple in Jerusalem when he was a boy.  The team then helped with the feeding of the children. These meals are financed by HAF, and prepared by a couple of women from the Tejeras community.

We then attended the Agape Promise Sunday youth group meeting, where the youth presented a traditional Honduran dance for us.  We also enjoyed a question and answer session with the youth, where we asked them about their experience and goals and they asked us about our reasons for coming on a mission trip and other life experiences.  It was an entertaining exchange that helped draw us closer to these great young people.  We then shared a nice lunch with the AP children, and Tommy took individual portrait photos of the ones present.

After a brief stop at a souvenir stand in the afternoon, we then visited Tranquilidad, an orphanage started a few years ago by Roxanne & Sam Turnipseed.  During the visit, Dr. Patty from our team checked the teeth of all the children there.

After a delicious dinner, we are now enjoying another cool evening relaxing and preparing for the trip to mountain villages tomorrow.  God has given us a GREAT DAY today! 

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