Another wonderful day starting here in Quimistan.  We see many marvelous aspects of God’s creation here – lovely people, beautiful flowers, birds singing, great sunrise, and too many other things to count.

After devotions & breakfast our team hopped aboard two 4-wheel drive pickups for our journey up the mountain.  The 2 villages we visited today were so remote that they could only be reached via a winding, mountainous, dirt road with steep grades that only a 4-wheel drive could handle.  Due to the recent lack of rain here, the road was extremely dusty and a few of our team members (Jessica, our 4 youth members, and our Honduran team mates) had to ride in the back bed of the pickups.  They had a very dusty, bumpy ride! 

When we arrived at Laguna del Carmen, the children were waiting.  So wonderful to see their smiling faces – we just wanted to hug them (and we did).  A hygiene clinic was our first activity (hand washing, de-worming pill, tooth brushing, and a fluoride treatment). 

That was followed by a Bible story on Noah and the Ark. Danielle (one of our youth) told the story in Spanish and then the children colored in the booklet we gave them with the story of Noah.  The children also sang some songs about Noah. 

Many of the children played games with us while Dr. Patty & Jessica were doing a dental screening to determine which children needed to come to the dental clinic for treatment later this week.

After a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, we then proceeded another 30-minute drive to Nueva Esperanza, a village that is so remote that it does not have electric service to the village.  On these drives, you never know what you may see.  On this trip, we encountered a monkey, who simply climbed out of her fenced-in yard to come over and check us out.

Upon arrival at Nueva Esperanza, after fording a half-dozen or so small creeks, we repeated the same activities we did this morning, with a couple of changes:  Sarah (another of our youth) told the Noah story in Spanish; and we gave all the girls in this small school a beautiful, home-made dress.  These were made by ladies at St. John’s UMC in Aiken – a wonderful ministry by the ladies.  The children loved their new dresses.

On the way home, we stopped at a scenic overlook for a few more snapshots. Then, after a long, dusty ride back down the mountain, we cleaned up and had a delicious dinner.  We are now ready for a restful night.  Thank you God for a great day!

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