God granted safe travels to the remainder of our team – Dr. Randy, Dr. Charlie, and Karen left Aiken well before sunrise and arrived here in Quimistan this afternoon after a long, tiring ride.   It is good to have our entire dental mission team here now!

While they were traveling to Honduras, the initial part of our team traveled back up into the mountains to Los Panales, a small village which has about 80 students in their school.  We were pleasantly surprised to see the children all lined up to give us an extraordinary welcome, with signs, applause, and singing! 

Danielle read the Bible story of Noah and the Ark (as “Noé y el Arca” in Spanish) to the children.  Our team then taught them a children’s song about Noah.  The children quickly learned the song and sang it with gusto!  It was wonderful. We then did some crafts with the children focused on Noah. 

Members of our team played games with the children while Dr. Patty & Jessica were doing a dental screening of the children to determine which ones needed to come to our dental clinic later this week.

From there, we went to two other small villages, Milpa Arada and El Jicaro where Dr. Patty & Jessica screened additional children for dental issues.  (We will hold hygiene clinics later in the week for these villages.)

This afternoon, after a brief lunch for our newcomers, the team began setting up for the dental clinic which will start tomorrow morning.

The team took a break from setting up the clinic to attend the feeding of the very poor children in the Tejeras community.  Our new team members brought two trunks full of children’s clothes, which were distributed to the children.

The team is now settling in for the night so we will be ready for another wonderful day tomorrow. 

Thank you God.

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