God blessed Honduras today – He brought a much-needed rain to the very dry, parched land here.  He also provided cool temperatures for our work here; the high temperature today was in the upper 70’s, very cool for Honduras.  (This explains why some of our dental patients you see below were wrapped like mummies while in the chair.)  Thank you God!

Today was the second day of our dental clinic.  Dr. Laura from Quimistan (mentioned yesterday) was a part of our team again today. We started the day treating children from Laguna del Carmen, a small mountain village.  These children came down the mountain in the back bed of a small pickup along with a teacher and a few moms.  They are so precious! 

The remainder of the dental day was devoted to treating Agape Promise students.  In all today, the dentists saw about 25 additional children. 

When the children come to the clinic, they often have to wait around for several hours until they can be seen.  Our teenage team members have been great at entertaining the children (and themselves) during their long wait times.  Besides playing soccer (even in the rain), they played games, made balloon animals, and some even practiced their braiding skills on each other.

While the dental clinic was going on, some of our mission team went back into the mountains to Milpa Arada and El Jicaro to do a hygiene clinic and then VBS (Bible story and craft) for the children.  ( A third village was on the schedule, but cancelled due to the slippery road conditions caused by the rain.) They also gave the last of the home-made “mission dresses” that we brought to young girls in El Jicaro.  Thank you to St. John’s UMC ladies for making these dresses!

This evening, we invited some very dear Honduran friends to have dinner with us including Sandra & her husband, Gloria, Maynor’s wife & daughter (Jessy & Arleth), and Sam & Roxanne.  It was wonderful to be with all these friends again.

Thank you, God, for another beautiful and productive day here in Honduras!

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