Lost and Found

Someone told me before our team left out for Honduras this year it would be different in a ‘Dynamic’ way. Not really sure by what they meant nor did I ask them to give me a full exposition to the meaning, but after we gathered to caravan to the condors nest… I had been feeling a paradigm shift during the assembly process of this team… that shift seemed to calumniate in a rather quirky kind of way… different meeting location, cars with ample room to sit and room for more luggage, snacks, Federation propaganda… you feel me.

Three key members from years past gave notice of their absence early on, Quepasa and Quanda had planned on visiting the Holy Land this spring… definitely a bucket list check. Tumor AKA Hondo the magical musician was rumored to have retired after completing Rosa remodel , but I think he would have came if not for some health issues discovered last winter.

As for the trip, it as uneventful as ever… Drama Lama will not join us until later this week due to her book signing commitments arranged by her agent, so no real big issues to and fro. I could spend a few paragraphs slamming Delta, but for the sake of being positive minded (Shout out the Stewart Smiley self help tapes) I will refrain my distain.

Maynor, Super Mario and new translator David picked up the dynamic dirt crew consisting of (Senor Pastor, Mater, B-Rad, Easyrider, Houdini, Dime bag and yours truly Marco Francisco El Jefe) from the aeroporte in the autobus provided by Mario Inc. Again… uneventful ride, no 3 wide in a blind curve.

Arriving at the primary Federation compound around 2 pm local, we snacked on a meal prepared by Lupie an Suappa. Afterwards most of us crashed in the sweltering mid day heat of Honduras… Local weather reported 106 feel like temps… Tomorrow we travel up to Teo to start remodeling and building a Bano Nuevo, that is new bathroom for the Spanish challenged while I ponder and consider this new dynamic feeling… As George Carlton once commented, “It feels like, ‘vu deja’… the strange feeling like none of this has never happened before”. Stay tuned for more rhetoric from yours truly.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle

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