All Hail… The Mook

The restless night has passed with the breaking of a new days dawn… fatigue has a strange effect on ones body. Why is it that when one is truly exhausted it deprives itself of sleep? A question for the ages many have asked, yet no remedy has been found… not even in the tasty sleep gummies.

Our second days journey to Teo began with a quick breakfast, devotion and load up to journey to the farthest reaches of Federation infiltration in the northern frontier of Honduras. Today’s tasks included finishing the foundation prep work and constructing the rebar frames that give much added strength to the structure. Most of the team was busy doing various tasks from cutting the rebar to cutting the tie wires that hold it all together. I broke out the new Machina that I copied from the hidden technical drawing and spy photography from last years trip. The locals even Oooo’d and Ahhh’d at the site of the simple machina that had been upfitted with ball bearing drives… less friction equals a smoother ride!  

New Machina

The day began slowly as the motley crue assembled the frames into useable instruments of mass construction while playing the symphonic harmony of the metal bending overtones of wrath… better know as DOOM!  The task was great at hand for today’s project list… build 11 metallic structures of various lengths, fit them into the correct holes, fill the holes with a mixture of Mook and rocas…  There lies the paradigm shift I have been noticing all week.  After fitting a couple of frames we were ready to roll out the Mook wagons filled with the secret ingredients and get this Mook fiesta on!  I presumed again… wrongly as it turned out that B-Rad the former blog master would lead the charge and be delighted to delve into it face first… much to my surprise and chagrin he declined the opportunity to lead the charge of the Mook brigade… AM…. Early in the morning I had given him the task of erecting the metallic frames, he chose to remain on the specified task at hand. By days end all 11 frame had been constructed, installed, Mooked into oblivion and all of the footing poured ready for a block party tomorrow.

My unnecessary concern passed away as the Crue not only completed the tasks at hand, but finished up 1 hour ahead of quitting time… Sweet.  We can get into the compound early… shower before dinner… extra time to communicate with families… suddenly off in the vague distance that sound that drives every child loco… the Ice Cream truck chimes echoing in the valley… Dios Mio!  And who was leader of the pack on this expedition… Senor Pastor Rey of course!  Finally we packed up the tools, and the autobus and began the perilous journey down the mountain finally arriving at the primary compound where a delicious meal awaited us.  Manana we will return to the scene once again and hopefully B-Rad will return where he belongs… basking at the shore of a hot steaming pile of Mook. All Hail… the Mook.

Buenos Noches,

Marco Francisco Valle Valle

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