18 May, 2019

A epic battle of wills engulfed the heavens above as each faction intertwined all of their might to gain the upper hand against eaches own sworn enemy… this is what ensued in the early hours of the morning across the Quimistan valley as the struggle between Kichigonai the creator of night and day versus Chaac the deity of rain turned into complete chaos. Together they dueled relentlessly over the control of the night sky and even further… the supremacy over one another. Each one of the gods was desperate to impose their will upon a land and people that had sacrificed many virgins in a futile hope to appease them… for some, the sacrifices was to win favor in these false deities only to serve as a stepping stone for self gratification and desires… for others in this valley, the sacrifices were to calm their gods mighty wrath upon her people and the land. Back and forth you could hear the rumbles of the two heavenly bodies crashing off the mountain faces… causing the ground to tremble as these mighty foes battled. Each of these ancient deitys were in full control yet in a blind rage… full well knowing that destruction and chaos in this realm of mortals would created fear in the presence of enemies… All of this culminated with Chaac slamming his mighty sword of lighting to the earth in such dramatic fashion that it shook the entire valley to its core. The serene sound of silence was broken as Chaac pour out a torrent flow of liquid life force across the parched landscape, nourishing the vegetation that had screamed for vengeance against Kichigonai and his cruel and ruthless treatment over the land of milk and honey.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle

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