Alien Ant Farm

22 May, 2019

Many things to consider that may cause one to suffer on an adventure like we have been on for the past 2 weeks; first and foremost the heat… For all of those who think there is no such place as hell… they should experience the oppressive saturation of humidity and pure hell like heat as it is found here, no relief can be found, it is a 24 – 7 ordeal… and if you multiply that times a few you may catch a glimpse of an eternity filled with endless suffering… that would be the beginning of a great revival.

Second on the list is the highways and byways the litter the landscape. If I wanted to live here, I would start a chiropractor service… its like shooting fish in a barrel, so easy it would sell itself. My chiropractor loves it when I come here because it takes so many visits to get the kinks out after getting my back that has been wrenched on the pothole blessed goat paths. Granted I know this is not the USA, and the HDOT is a non existent form of public service, But I am only speaking the truth to the conditions we experience i.e. The driver knocked a hole in the oil pan on the bus this afternoon on the return journey… the struggle is real.

Third is the manifestation of the insects that thrive in such conditions… mosquitoes half the size of a silver dollar… spiders in every nook and cranny… I never have to tap my shoes out at home to check for scorpions… but we have encountered a new variant worth noting this year… a tiny member of the crustation family but packs a wollop if bitten by it… the fire ant. These boogers are from another realm, because one bite or sting creates discomfort that will last for several days, blisters and swelling will appear at the site.

Enter B-Rad’s encounter yesterday while digging a new sewer line for the bathroom complex. He had to visit the local urgent care center last night seeking relief from the multiple bites he received. This morning his ankles looked like some on poured hot grease on them with the mammoth blisters protruding from the wounds. Payback is rough when you tea bag the Jefe. Under strict orders from the doctor… no mooking allowed. Taking this to heart, B-Rad spent most of the day basking in the shade while D-Jaying mas DOOM for the crowds.

The  adventures at the job site today included Mook slinging, metallic binding, Weight lifting, shade squatting and roofing.

A. slingshot… engaged. This time honored tradition or necessity to cover the walls with a thin layer of Mook to create a smooth surface for paint. The thin runny mixture is put on the wooden float, than a small amount is thrown at the wall to promote the adhesion of the Mook to the blocks… easier said than done. We watched in amazement as Juan made this look so easy… he could put that shot on a dime like a sniper. After the wall is covered you level it out with a screet board than you block it smooth with the float. We attempted to imitate Juan in this process with mixed results, but at the end of the day all of the interior walls was complete.  I had to pick my arm up off of the ground and carry it around because it was so sore.


B. The Federation used a sub to weld the metal studs together forming the roof super structure per code and blueprints. He and his son worked on the ground all day cutting and welding… Eventually the entire roof structure was complete… there in lies the problem and the next topic of discussion… installing this 12′ x 30′ metallic beast on the building.


C. A call of arms went out and a dozen people gathered to hoist this beast into,its final location. Some high riggers scaled the walls to guide it into place. After a few adjustments and the final measurements were taken, Wilmer welded it into place.


D. Shade squatting. This is a time honored tradition that Pastor Rey is famous for, but he has been limited this year because there is no internet or cell service so he cannot scrape, facebook, read Fox News, or watch A sarcastic Trump press conference. Good news is, with the roof installed, it provides adequate shade for all… maybe Pastor Rey will work on the building a little more. For other references see B-Rads situation.

E Roofing. After the mammoth lift, the team packed up and headed down the mountain to the Fereration compound for the evening meal. Maynor, Wilmer, the welder and Marco remained at the site to install the roofing.  It could have been done tomorrow, but apparently the subs contract required that he install the tin and finish the job in order to get paided the full amount. Once complete we headed down the mountain to a late dinner.


Tonight we rest for tomorrow calls for a fist full of Mook to be slung.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle


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