Team mission March 7-14, 2020

Agape Promise (AP) students did back to school shopping with team members shortly after they arrived in Quimistan, Honduras. Team members are Dominic Martorana, Chuck Scarton, Steve Salzman, James ”Pop” Buice, Jeff Wallace, Kelli Roof, Mary Maddrey, Team leader Cindy Fuller

Wheels up at 7:10 a.m. from the Augusta airport, and the team arrived 6 hours and 20 mins later at San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Airport. We were met by Maynor Castillo and his crew who delivered us to our safe haven for the week.

After a quick but delicious meal, the team loaded into the bus for the short ride to Quimistan where the AP students waited for their back to school shopping excursion.

The students were delighted with their school supplies, book bags, uniforms and other necessities. We were rewarded with smiles on their faces and hugs from their loving arms.

After returning to our home for the week, the team closed the day with a recap of events and plans for Sunday. The evening closed with a prayer of gratitude. We are all excited about being Jesus’ hands and feet.

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