Thursday, March 12 2020

The kids of Tejeras enjoy receiving their weekly rice and beans.
The team helps stain tables for the school in Tejeras.
Young boys work all day for 2 dollars forming bricks out of “special” dirt.
Before the bricks are formed, the “special” dirt is mixed to the proper consistency. The boys work all day and give earnings to their family, instead of attending school.
The owner shows the team how he prepares bricks before they finish in the kiln.
Chuck, along with the rest of the team, hands out beans and rice to the local residents of Tejeras.
Mary Maddrey helps sand the tables before staining. She is the director of the preschool at First Presbyterian Church in Aiken and a member of the congregation. This is her first trip to Honduras.
Steve Salzman wasn’t always lying down on the job during the week. Steve is retired financial accountant from AGY. He attends First Presbyterian Church of Aiken.

We started the morning off singing, “Jesus Loves Me” during our early devotion time. This song carried us through the day.

“Little ones to Him belong … .” In the boys and girls of Tejeras we saw His children.

We big ones are also His children. “For the Bible tells me so.”\

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