Friday, March 13, 2020

The team and children from Arena Blanca gathered in the schoolyard after the hygiene stations were completed.
The First Presbyterian Church of Aiken provided funding for construction of the clinic at Arena Blanca. Members of the congregation, Mary and Steve, got to see the completed building first hand.
The gauntlet of clapping children greeted the team as we proceeded to the school.
Steve helps give the children fluoride treatment, while Cindy and Chuck provide support.
The piñata was a big hit, and when it was hit …
… the kids had a free-for-all for the sweet treats.
Members of our Honduran support team included Germaine, David, Carlos, Pablo, Lucia. Maynor, rear, of course, was in charge of the projects for the team. Joselyn and Marcos, not pictured, were also instrumental in our week.
Suyapa and Lupe kept the team well fed throughout the week. Allison, Suyapa’s daughter, kept everyone smiling.

The Parable of the Sower was an integral part in what we brought to the children through our VBS presentation. We certainly feel like we planted seeds, as seeds were planted in us.

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