The Garden

May 30, 2020

As I come to the conclusion to this virtual blog, I remain somewhat melancholy because our trip has been delayed by circumstances beyond our control. Certainly, a pandemic leaves no quarter untouched and it has created deep and lasting memories along with stories to tell our grandchildren in the future… “I Remember where” …? I do hope and pray that everyone remains as safe as possible… Social distancing is the key factor in personal safety… I have been practicing it for nearly 53 years now and it has not let me down yet!

“The treasure of a life
Is a measure of love and respect
The way you live, the gifts that you give

In the fullness of time
Is the only return that you expect

The future disappears into memory
With only a moment between
Forever dwells in that moment
Hope is what remains to be seen”

Clockwork Angels, 2012, Peart

This ‘virtual’ journey into the past has calmed my infant soul by ending in ‘The Garden’ tonight. It was in the garden that Jesus faced his greatest struggle… the moments tick away as he knows what lies before him. The cross looms on a distant hill outside of ‘God’s Holy City’. Masses cry to crucify him and yet he understands ‘why he is here’.

We travel on this journey based upon faith… even if only doing well for the sake of mankind. Freddie Grubber once said, “It is not what happens at the moment of impact between the stick and the drum head… it is about the time spent in the air arriving at that point.” My interpretation of that statement is that it is not the notes of music on the flaccid page, but the time spent between them… Each one of us who have served on the journey to Honduras has experienced the span between notes, even if for only once, or many times, the impact is still the same.

B-Rad has dissected my thoughts thoroughly in all of my blog posts… yes I am fleshing out the grief and the loss of a hero, and yet he called himself ‘Nobody’s Hero’. It was a tribute to a fascinating guy, musician and writer as well. I never met him personally because he lived his self-imposed motto, “I can’t pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend.” It is what it is… we keep moving forward… memories are the best things that we can take away in life… good… bad or indifferent, they are a part of our ‘air time’ before the beat. I want to take a moment to express a deep and sincere of gratitude for all of those who have served together on this journey over the past 10 years.

Wikesboro Team Members:
Chris, (Senor Jefe) Thank you for inviting me from the beginning to be a part of this journey of faith.
Jerry (Mater) your friendship is priceless and all of the time we have spent together here and abroad.
Brad (B-Rad) seeing you struggle and grow as you have. The laughs and jokes… always wonderful
Kay (Que Pasa) for your support and dedication over the years… Gracious
Wanda (Quanda) My halfback from the sunshine state… keep bringing the light
Lorie (Lama) your infectious smile from your youth has never left you… never let it
Tom (Hondo) Strumming is the journey God has lead you in… go farther
Jennifer (J-Lo) Pilla pumping mamma can pack my mook anytime… Go pack!
Jarred (Hans) the dreadlocks of affection and the P90-X served your well
Dane (Frans) Our true African American… it has always been a joy in your presence
Casey (KC) Life is what it is, press the go button and hang on
Aaron (Aron) Keep doing that Muscle Tech mock flex
Will (Wilbur) you still scare me with you night walks… it’s been a great but strange trip
Alex (Ajax) your art and creations along the way… The chicken still kills me
Michael (Coop) Pepper squire par excellent, great conversations as well
Madison (Madster) Thanks for saving Jefe from the scorpion… our hero
Hunter (Hunterzilla) you will be a great father and husband with your dedication
Madison (Selfie) Keep Hunter straight up there… Congratulations on the baby
Tori (Body Pump) Keep that cheerful smile going and you will go far
Graylan (Hound-Dog) Glad to see you succeed in life and keep my niece in line
Nick (Nicko) glad to have known a famous actor
Perry (Lowman) great time, infectious smile wish you the best
Derrick (Dirk) you need to go again, they have plenty of food
Jacob (Lil Dirk) Hope you trust in sun screen and see you there again
Sam (Sam-well) your heart and footprint will forever remain in Honduras
Arnold (Narnie) for your friendship and respect
Becky (Bam) my extended mom, I love you in a special way
Loraine (Rogaine) for all of your support through the years
Tracey (Camel) For… toeing it up
Lucie (LuLu) for you friendship, help and support
Russell, for believing in us, Pat, for daring to come with us crazy gringos, Joe, for rousing Hans and B-Rad at 6:00am for the rooster call, Lucas, for shade squatting, Victoria, for the photo shoots, Colon, for leaving your laundry in the sink. For all of the prayer partners at Wilkesboro and support from home while we journey there.

Our Honduran Family:
Maynor (My lord) your friendship, care and trust for many native and foreign people. Much love my brother
Daniela (Chico) for all of your wisdom, friendship and trust in me thru the years
Sandra and Gloria for the entire behind the scenes work and endless hours of service… blessings Lupie and Suyapa for continuing the great service to us
Mario and Pablo my brothers of another mother… thanks for getting us out of some sticky situations
Stanley, Maynor Dos, David, Skinny for translating for us in all situations
Agape Foundation (The Federation) for providing a way

All of the people we have served along the way, we have been blessed far greater by you, than we have blessed you.

I would be virtually flying back to Greensboro at this moment… “a fullness of time where the hope will be seen.” The storms outside at this moment stir up fears of flying and all of the dangers that are associated with it, but it is the nature of the beast… together our common goal is ‘Gods’ work… fulfilling the great commission of taking the Gospel to all ends of the earth.

My last song selection for this virtual journey is iconic in many reasons… It is the last song on the last studio album that Rush produced. As I have listened to the lyrical content forming an impression of its meaning… Within a few years its composer would die of cancer… it almost feels like an epilogue of his final years… maybe he had a feeling that his time was limited on earth. That is true for all of us; life is but a journey, the wisp of air above the drumhead and the time between the notes… I hope that all of this effort is not in vain, but it takes you across your personal journey to Honduras and life in general. Analyzing and learning from all of it to make the difference that we are called to be. I have made my peace with it all, the infant soul is calm for now and needing rest from the Portal for a while.

Good night, God Bless and Good bye for now.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle

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