2022 Mission Trip – Day 1

Saturday 10/22 was an event-filled day for the 10 folks on the 2022 mission trip to Quimistan, Honduras. Cultural exchange began on the plane in Atlanta, the air filled with Spanish and a bit of English; people getting to know their seatmates. Flying 11 kilometers above the earth on a glorious, bright day, we were treated to glimpses of the Florida coastline on the panhandle, Cancun, Mexico, and Honduran cloud cover to the horizon, dotted with cloud islands.

As we broke through the clouds, I enjoyed the tropical countryside, the airport hidden from my view until the runway appeared just in time. We landed at San Pedro Sula right on time at 11am, two timezones west of Atlanta. After clearing customs bureaucracy, we were welcomed by old friends to many, Maynor and Flower, and the driver—a new friend. We loaded up luggage and four massive crates of supplies and piled into the van.

After picking up Agape Promises graduate German (Her-MAHN) for lunch, we visited the culinary institute Washington Academy where he is a student. German also goes by Daniel. Here are some photos to illustrate that visit.

Pastery class
Cooking class
Squid from the Island of Hispañola
Board full of job postings
Maggie from McDonough Presbyterian as bartender’s helper

After more than three hours on the road, we made it to our home-away-from-home, Villa Celea Delfina. Much unloading, rearranging of beds and unpacking ensued.

Villa Celea Delfina – Purpose built by a kind couple as a home away from home for missionaries

Now it was time for a celebration for one University Program graduate and three Agape Promise grauduates , listed in the order they appear in the next photo:

  • Lucia graduated from university with a degree in Business Adminstration
  • Alice, Efren, and Yaky graduated from high school
Left to right: Lucia, Alice, Fanny, Efren, Yaky, Maynor

The program was held at the HAF office in Quimistan. Local leaders of the HAF program honored the four graduates with a lovely, heartfelt program. Local participants included HAF Maynor (HAF administrator), Fanny (teacher of the older students), Sandra (teacher of the younger students), fellow student Genesis who sang and led group singing, and Isabel, pastor of the local church, La Cosecha (The Harvest). She gave a stunning speech on the commitment to God needed to fulfill your dream. Her model was Joseph who held true to God, overcame much adversity, gained much in a foreign land, and regained his own land and family.

HAF President Michael Norton was also honored in the program, as was the entire group of HAF missionaries. We were given the best seats in the house and served a wonderful meal.

New computer lab at the HAF office in Quimistan – Used by HAF students and other local students

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