Tocino Y Mas 6 de Mayo

Our first official work day in Honduras began as many have over the years. The dawn breaks into a new day, the feathered wonders of creation began singing in harmonious rhythm… enter in the Gallo. He was to be king of the voices this morning… but not of the air. Grounded as means of punishment? I am not sure, nor will the world even know, it just begs the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” You pays your money…. you makes your choice.

Lupia and Suappa prepared a delicious breakfast which included a generous mount of Bacon! You can never go wrong with too much bacon. While Senor Jefe awaited the polling results from the conference, some of us went to My lords office to collect our tools. Thankfully, he kept them well preserved for the 3 years of our hiatus and the C factor lock down. Finally the vote was in, the algorithms of the online session were blocked, to protect the innocent or the machine of the of the downfall to rue the day. You pays your money…. you makes your choice on that one also

Caravanning up into the mountains after a brief stop the the local Wal-mart to get some supplies for our journey, bug spray, candy, bandannas and a few trinkets to help us weary travelers be more productive on the job site this morning. Our route was, as always lined with massive ruts and gouges in the red clay tarmac. I know of 3 separate occasions I was bounced so hard, I smashed my head into the top of Wilmers roof, neck is going to be sore for sure. After about a 1 hour journey, we arrived at out destination, Laguna del Carmen.

We were met surprisingly at the community center, which was to be our task of a combination of demo and reno over the next several days. All of the school aged children, parents, teachers and several in the community welcomed us with arms wide open. The teacher delivered the opening welcome followed by a lady, forgive me I did not get her name, who read scripture to us and those gathered there. She then lead us with a wonderful rendition of “How Great Thou Art”‘ in Spanish of course.

Following the opening ceremonies, the construction Jefe’s gathered together to get a plan of attack for the project. Step one remove all of the old tin roofing, While Mater, Spanish Juan and Marco removed all of the old stage lights, Disco ball and sound system. The locals and Gringos played well together and by lunch time the roof and trusses were laying on the ground ready to be repurposed into the next building project. Hondo, Jefe and B-Rad work at various task when needed until the dinner bell rang out across the hillside.

Some of the people in the community provided us with home made chicken soup… Our revenge upon the Gallo? We do not grease the squeaky wheel, we throw them in the pot and make soup. Back at the job site, we be began to construct the new and improved, slightly modified Deathtrap 4000. We had repurposed the wood from the trusses to do this, and I am not sure what type of wood it was, but we had to pre-drill holes to drive the nails into this stuff… The Mook master B-Rad lead the official breaking of virgin earth, smearing it with the course creamy substance in to what we have all affectingly know as MOOK!

Being it was late in the afternoon, we did not throw down and get a full on block party rolling, we will save up for tomorrow for this. Some of our group returned to the retaining wall project that we build 2018. Pleasantly surprised that it has already withstood several years of harsh weather, and looked as good as new. By 4 pm local, we packed up and traversed back down the mountain to the Federation Compound, Villa Celia de Fina for supper, a shower and a warm bed to lay our weary heads… We will arise tomorrow with a fresh energy level , a willingness to create an adventure during the Mooking Fiesta, and probably tell some tall tales around the mook pile!

Buenos Noches,

Marco Francisco Valle Valle


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