The Gulag 8 de Mayo

This morning we were able to get away from base camp much earlier than the past couple of days, no scheduled or unscheduled trips, stops or distractions to hinder our ability to report to the Gulag on time. It has always been our goal to beat the heat on these types of projects, but if you factor in Honduran time keeping ability as reported in blog posts from years past, they seem to have a lack of urgency… We were ready to go half past 7 this morning, but we had to wait on our construction foreman to arrive, in his freshly repaired truck to carry half of the team up the mountain. We loaded up while he ate his breakfast, snoozed with the kitchen staff, checked his messages… I think you get the point that I am trying to make. 7 am breakfast is 7 am. Insert AM of the day here!

We finally arrived at the community by 9 am local. The team divided up into several sub groups working closely with the locals in mixing, carrying and packing Mook. Spanish Juan and his trusty helper continued to weld on the new roof trusses. Mater, B-Rad, Hondo and Jefe each took a swing at the offending floor. Later when B-Rad and I were discussing the daily events, he commented that he had seen and heard about the Russian prison, The Gulag. He stated that while swinging the sledge hammer repeatedly in the heat without the desired results for the effort expended, it was liken to the Gulag he imagined.

Our reward came at lunch as all of the workers dined on fresh Tilapia, with one exception, your truly who does not eat fish. The ladies were so kind to prepare me a side dish of fried chicken. With multiple coffee breaks, shade squatting ciestas, nappy time under the shade tree, giving out handfuls of candy to children and adults alike, it was a very productive day.

By the end of the day we had done as much as we could with the materials we had on hand. We loaded into the trucks hoping that today would not be a repeat of yesterday for sure. Arriving at the Compound ahead of schedule, we kicked back and took it easy before we dined on the fried chickens prepared by our chefs and enjoying the meal with a very special guest, Ms. Lucia. The last time we were in Honduras (2019), she traveled with us to the Teo project. Since then she has completed the AP program, graduated from the university with a degree in business administration, and is now working at the local bank. What a wonderful success story, of a child that had no future as a professional, to see her now brought a huge smile to everyone’s face and made for a wonderful evening sharing stories together.

Signing out of the Blog for now, until we meet again, Good evening.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle


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