Kinich Ahau 10 de Mayo

Today festivities were business as usual. The team was able to leave at the prescribed time this morning after breakfast and the scolding that was hand delivered at last night’s at dinner… Get started on time! AM!!! Actually we started so early, we beat the gatekeeper at the work site, I guess because they were accustomed to our slack approach to timeliness.

As I said it was business as usual with one minor exception,.. the cloud cover and temperate weather disappeared this morning as Kinich Ahau , the Maya Sun God poured out his wrath upon we the gringo tribe from north of the boarder… the same heat that scorches the earths crust, boiled our sensitive skin all day long. Team Mook including Jefe, B-Rad and Hondo got into a mook slinging contest on the rear wall. May be so it would hide their work or it was the training ground for the rookies. Overall, they did a good job, Hector the construction foreman came behind them to “touch up” some low areas, but over all it was a beautiful thing to watch as the T-Rex arms flailed the mook at half the speed of smell.

Along our daily journey, I have noticed the valley of rocks near the small village Sn Juan de Sitto. Honduras has some of the rockiest soil that I have encountered, but these thing protrude from the hillside like a scattered Stonehenge. These rocks are massive in shear size alone, It has to be natures placement in this precarious area. Today I gave up the co-pilots seat to allow the AP student, Nancy to ride in the cab. Skinny and I donned the cooler for or seat, and as we were traveling, I could get a better view of the stones. They seem to gather around one particular hill, which leaves me to wonder if it is the remnants of an ancient volcano? That is pure speculation and conjecture from the writers stand point. Tomorrow I will try to get some photos of this area and ask some one better educated than I to answer this question.

After lunch today, half of the team went to the schools kitchen area to construct an new Justa stove for them. They currently have one indoor and one outside stove. One of the cooks said that they wanted both inside for when it gets cold… I suppose that is when the temperature drops down into the high to mid 60’s? I do not know and not for me to judge, I guess everyone is built a little different.

At half past four we headed back down the mountain to the Federation Compound. The adventures of the broken Uber vehicle appeared to strike all of a sudden. I was riding in the bed again with Skinny and as we climbed the first steep hill leaving the village, Pablos’s truck that was behind us and began to sound like it had lost that lubrication feeling and the bottom end was ready to break out like the Village People doing YMCA! We stopped and inspected the engine for the peculiar sound, only to find that the hood prop rod had came loose and was being flailed by the cooling fan. No hoop, no harm we were able to continue back unscathed.

By the time we arrived, our meal of pork ribs, veggie medley and a host of snacks was ready for consumption. Following our meal, Chris lead a short devotion and we held a team meeting to discuss tomorrows planned activities. We were able to set the metal trusses this afternoon. Thanks to the hard work of Juan, Wilmer, Mater cutting, bending, shaping the trusses to fit like a glove. Tomorrow we will fasten the furring strips, which consumed our discussion as to how we attach… weld or screw??? That is something that will be answered by Hector in the morning… no need to lose sleep over milk we will spill tomorrow. Good evening and good luck to all!

Marco Francisco Valle Valle


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