Serving & Being Served

We spent the day in the beautiful mountains of Western Honduras! God has certainly made some wonderful scenery here for His people to enjoy!

After breakfast, we boarded the van and rode up curvy, bumpy, unpaved roads through high peaks and deep valleys to the small village of Teo. The school children & teachers were waiting for us. They welcomed us and presented us with artwork pictures that they had made just for us. What a treat!

We also brought a couple of gifts for them: a computer for the school and a soccer ball.

The team then held a hygiene clinic including hand washing, de-worming pills, teeth brushing, and fluoride treatment. Dr. Patty led a mini-VBS with a Bible story, a children’s song “This little light of mine, I will let it shine”, and a craft in which the children made a candle from craft paper. The last event in Teo (not including the inevitable soccer games) was a dental screening of all the older students by Dr. Patty to determine which students would be brought down to the mission team’s dental clinic later this week.

In the afternoon, the team visited Arena Blanca, a small mountain village not far from Teo. There the team also held a hygiene clinic with the children, held the same mini-VBS, and Dr. Patty did dental screening of the Arena Blanca older children (plus one very young boy who is suffering from severe dental pain).


Lunch today was a 4-part story all by itself:

  • Gloria (the prior HAF cook) gave the team delicious homemade donuts to take with us during our trip up the mountain today;
  • Lupe (current HAF cook) & Sandra made the team sandwiches for our lunch along with some bananas;
  • As we were finishing our visit to Teo, the teachers there had prepared a wonderful meal for the team (chicken, potato & green beans soup, rice, and tortillas) with very large portions for everyone and very delicious; and then
  • When we completed our visit to Arena Blanca, the teachers there told us that they also had prepared a homemade meal for the team in a local home. Even though our appetites were already totally satisfied, we certainly did not want to be ungracious by not eating the wonderful meal they had gone out of their way to prepare for us. Daniel did tell them to give us a “small portion”, but when the food came out, it was a feast for a king.

Both Teo and Arena Blanca really went out of their way to make the team feel welcome and to show their love and support to us. What wonderful friendship they displayed! While we came to serve, they truly did the serving to us today! Also, we thank AP student Marleni and her sister for their invaluable help today.  God was certainly at work here today through all of these wonderful friends.

Although our bodies are tired from a long day up and down the mountains, our spirits are very high. It was truly a wonderful day of serving and being served for Christ today!