Purple Rain

16 May, 2019

Adventure land never looked so good from a far… today we prepare our minds, our bodies, our very soul to endure the punishment of a Largo camino a ninguna parte. Praise the Lord the kidney belts arrived this morning to protect our internal structures… to off set the physical torture of the hour and a half session or journey… you decide, you pays your money, you makes your choice. Note, the complaint department is closed for remodeling. Not all is lost in the sea of misery, along the way your eyes can be drawn to the intrinsic landscape while occasionally becoming a witness to the creative genius of our Lord.


We began the morning session by repairing and building up another layer of blocke on the old section of bathrooms. Juan Jose, Mater, EasyRider and Houdini worked with locals on this project, all the while B-Rad finally accepted his calling to offer a sacrifice to the pile of dry Mook mix… the world has begun to right itself once again. Marco laid out the plumbing system for the new bathroom… note there are no photos of this action for legal reasons. A breif rain delay after lunch almost cancelled the block party… but Ahau proved to have the greater power over Chac on this day and the work continued until we found a good stopping point… usually when all of the Mook that has been mixed has been put to good use and none left laying to spoil.

Mass mook production, B-Rad, Dimebag and Victor
Marco overseeing the first level
End of Day 4

Arriving at the Federation compound just as Ahau slipped below the tree line we gathered in the mess hall to dine a delicious cuisine of pork and cheese quesadilla, chemul and jalapeños. We completed our evening task by sharing stories and moments from the day and praying for the team, the community we serve and our families… I would like to dedicate this post today in memory of a friend and former co-worker who passed away early this morning. God speed Gary fender-Bender, “Only want to see you dancing in the Purple Rain”.

Marco Francisco

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