Today was the first day of our three-day dental clinic for children.  The dentists treated children from the age of 6 and up.  Several of the children came down from two mountain villages today. One of these (Nueva Esperanza) is so remote that it has no electric service while the other village (Los Panales) just received electric service access at the end of last year.  However, the children were full of joy and were truly children of God. 

Also, several Agape Promise children that live nearby also received dental treatment.  Around 25 total children were treated by our dental team today.

Besides the 3 dentists on our mission team (Dr. Randy, Dr. Charlie, and Dr. Patty), we had a Honduran dentist help us – Dr. Laura.  She was supported by our Honduras Agape Foundation through her high school, college and dental school education.  Helping our team this week is her way of giving back to the young children being treated this week by our team.

While our core dental team was providing the dental treatments, a few team members attended the Tejeras Kindergarten school class this morning.  They also attended Sandra’s afternoon children’s Bible lesson program.

Also, during the day, some of our team had the pleasure of taking a few AP children shopping that they help to sponsor.  When asked what they want, they don’t head for toys, games, or candy, as you might think.  Most often they stock up on needed school supplies or clothing.

One great joy today was the delivery of one piece of luggage that did not arrive with the team members that came yesterday. Delta Airlines delivered the trunk to us today directly to Quimistan by way of taxi!

This evening the team had a great treat – Gloria (former cook for HAF mission teams) invited the entire team to her home for a delicious chicken dinner and dessert.  Gloria is a very special lady and an excellent cook!

The team is now relaxing and enjoying a much needed restful night.  Thank you God for another great day today!

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